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Multi Arbitrage
A.I. System

ArbiSgap’s Arbitrage Systems are based on High-Frequency Trading with artificial intelligence and extremely complex algorithms.

Uniexchange Triangular Sequential Arbitrage

On the Cex (Centralized Exchange), Arbisgap exploits the triangular price inefficiencies among the various Crypto pairs with a sequential uni-exchange technique. ArbiSgap does not follow any parallel arbitrage on multiple Exchanges. The triangulation starts with USDT and ends by returning to USDT; in this way, we retain the value of the speculative advantages gained even during the Bear Market phases.

Due to the high volumes moved, ArbiSgap can perform this uni-exchange arbitrage technique exclusively because we have low commissions. Even with a functioning Arbitrage Bot, a regular user would not be able to execute profitable trades because of the excessively high scamp commissions.

Futures Spot Latency Price Arbitrage

Another technique used by ArbiSgap on Centralized Exchanges is Latency Price Arbitrage, through the use of financial instruments called Crypto Futures Spots. We derive a signal from a high-speed Data Feed. Our A.I. arbitrage systems spread it out in milliseconds over the Spot Futures with slower Data Feeds, where the price is not yet perfectly aligned, drawing an economic advantage.

DeFi Arbitrage

ArbiSgap also performs DeFi Arbitrage with Decentralized Exchanges through the help of Flash Loan Arbitrage Bots. Flash Loans are used to borrow millions of dollars of cryptocurrency without any collateral.

1. Arbisgap Flash Loan bots automatically checks for possible arbitrage opportunities on decentralized exchanges (eth chain or bsc);

2. Once the opportunity is found, it obtains a flash loan from aave, pancakeswap, uniswap, or multiplier-finance thanks to trust wallet’s flash swap after paying the fees of the loan; 

3. The bot executes the arbitrage transactions, repays the flash loan amount and gets the profit. Extremely low risk tending to zero, and very high profit.


ArbiSgap Traders conduct scalping trades on Spot Futures in Leverage. It’s a trading strategy that involves capturing profits from small price movements-one to a few ticks, in short and long directions.

Our traders usually trade on very small timeframes, from 1 minute to 15 minutes, using variable leverage and a R/R 1:3 or 1:5. with Take Profit and Stop Loss. 

Performance in 2020

Performance in 2021

Performance in 2022

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Who We Are

We are a group of Traders, Programmers and Freelancers passionate about Cryptocurrency from Italy, Spain, UK and USA. Arbisgap was born to create a strong Crypto Community by sharing our experience and a small part of our gains with it.


In Arbisgap, your privacy will be protected.
We will not ask you for any KYC, your deposits and withdrawals will be anonymous, and we will not hold your data in case of account deletion from your decision.
The Arbisgap Team strongly believes in the right to protect your privacy, which will be guaranteed thanks to the decentralization of the Blockchain.

CryptoSgap Live Arbitrage Trading

Watch in Real Time the Trades performed by our Bots

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We share a small part of the gains with our Community. You can be part of it by purchasing one of five Arbitrage Plans directly from our platform with Tether USDT. Withdrawal of shared earnings is weekly.


Plan expiration: 200%
Daily refund: 0.80%
MLM levels unlocked: 2
Min. Amount: 100,00 USDT
Max Amount: 2.499,00 USDT


Plan expiration: 200%
Daily refund: 1%
MLM levels unlocked: 4
Min. Amount: 2.500,00 USDT
Max Amount: 7.499,00 USDT


Plan expiration: 200%
Daily refund: 1.20%
MLM levels unlocked: 6
Min. Amount: 7.500,00 USDT
Max Amount: 249.999,00 USDT


Plan expiration: 200%
Daily refund: 2%
MLM levels unlocked: 8
Min. Amount: 250.000,00 USDT
Max Amount: 499.999,00 USDT


Plan expiration: 200%
Daily refund: 3%
MLM levels unlocked: 10
Min. Amount: 500.000,00 USDT
Max Amount: 9.999.999,00 USDT


Career Plan

If you are satisfied with the service provided by ArbiSgap, you can get benefits from your friends building your Network.

Network Commissions

ArbiSgap Network commissions are credited daily and are always withdrawable.
For each Daily Profit earned by your friends from 1st to 10th level, you will receive a percentage of their profits.

Commission in %
1st Level
25% of your referral’s yearly profit paid daily
2nd Level
25% of your referral’s yearly profit paid daily
3rd Level
23% of your referral’s yearly profit paid daily
4th Level
23% of your referral’s yearly profit paid daily
5th Level
21% of your referral’s yearly profit paid daily
6th Level
21% of your referral’s yearly profit paid daily
7th Level
17% of your referral’s yearly profit paid daily
8th Level
17% of your referral’s yearly profit paid daily
9th Level
15% of your referral’s yearly profit paid daily
10th Level
15% of your referral’s yearly profit paid daily

ArbiSgap Bonuses

Bring a friend and get numerous benefits.

Bonus Volume

This one time Bonus is credited when the volume on your first membership level is reached and is cumulative. Bonus credit is immediate upon reaching it and becomes withdrawable after 30 days. Bring a friend and get numerous benefits.

30.000 USDT
300 USDT
50.000 USDT
1.000 USDT
100.000 USDT
3.000 USDT
300.000 USDT
12.000 USDT
500.000 USDT
25.000 USDT
1.000.000 USDT
60.000 USDT
3.000.000 USDT
210.000 USDT
5.000.000 USDT
400.000 USDT
10.000.000 USDT
900.000 USDT

Fast Start Bonus

This Bonus is credited to you when the monthly volume on your first membership level is achieved and restarts every 30 days. Bonus crediting is immediate upon achievement and becomes withdrawable after 30 days.

10.000 USDT
300 USDT
30.000 USDT
1.500 USDT
50.000 USDT
3.600 USDT
100.000 USDT
8.100 USDT

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Not interested in our Community Bot?

We can install and configure it on your personal account via API


Price: 4,999 USDT
License Validity: 12 Months
Remote installation: yes
Min amount to work: 50 USDT
Average Daily Transactions: 100-26500
Triangulations: all USDT, USD, EUR, BTC, ETH pairs
Compatible Exchanges: Binance, Bybit
Trading Fee (min/max): from 0% to 0.045%
Instrument: Spot

Exchange Trading Fee Tiers

For more info about your Trading Fees, see the following pages


All possible triangular sequences are determined by the trading pairs available for each exchange.

A WebSocket connection is opened and order book updates are shown in real time, allowing Arbisgap Bot to act on small price fluctuations that may last only fractions of a second.

When an order book change is detected, triangular sequences containing the updated asset pair are analyzed for triangular arbitrage opportunities.

Trades are executed to take advantage of these opportunities if they are calculated as profitable.

How to start

Contact our support

Purchase the License in USDT

Provide us with your Exchange Account API

Purchase a Cloud VPS Ubuntu O.S.

One of our technicians will perform the installation

 The Triangular Arbitrage Bot starts working

To proceed with the purchase, please contact our Support below

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